Kosher-Rent already has history.


Emerging from the very successful company Frankl 24, which brought with it the know-how and innovative spirit to make events a unique experience.


“As more and more people want to lend kosher equipment, I felt the need to expand the repertoire of our company.


For us, Kosher-Rent will serve the diverse needs of caterers, party planners, hotels and other event coordinators who want to rent kosher equipment. “

“Meanwhile, we provide an ever larger and more diverse clientele with everything that is necessary for kosher celebrations.


Driven by initially incomprehensible demands of caterers and hotels, I was introduced to the rules of the Kosher-Jewish food preparation. Afterwards I have with the help of many caterers several rabbis and mascara in kosheres catering deepened.


Because it is a real need for many people to eat kosher, we see from Kosher-Rent challenged us, step by step, more and more loaned kosher to provide.

Over the years, lines of porcelain, cutlery, silver and glass have been expanded specifically for this new and expanding market.


In addition, Kosher-Rent offers ovens, convection ovens, grills and warming cabinets to ensure success and quality on the spot


Due to the fact that our companies have been working in the top segment for events and equipment for years, we have developed reliable standards for milky and meaty-kosher, for Sephardic and Ashkenazi kitchen and table equipment.

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