• 100 % kosher.
  • The monitoring of the religious regulations is certified by the respective Rabinat.
  • Meaty and milky strictly separated.
  • Competent, confidential and safe, we are your trusted partner.
  • 100% hygiene in all of our products and production facilities.

Celebrate safely with Kosher-Rent


Organizing a successful celebration is always a great challenge for everyone involved, from the planning to the perfect implementation. Many decisions have to be made, the invitation list, the right selection of suitable rooms and the food and drinks. If the celebration should also meet the kosher (kosher) standards, the challenge is a lot bigger and brings some organizers to their limits.


Kosher means high requirements for organizers

The biggest problem for many organizers, hotels and caterers is compliance with religious regulations for the preparation of the food. This includes not only the use of kosher kitchen appliances, but also dishes and cutlery that must comply with the regulations. The central point is the separation of meaty and milky dishes, which must not be prepared on the same stoves or in the same pots or pans. Crockery and cutlery must also not be used for both meaty and milky dishes. Even the kitchen utensils and dishes have to be washed separately. There are also special rules for Sephardi and Ashkenazi.


Kosher-Rent is the solution


Kosher-Rent is very knowledgeable about all the special religious regulations due to years of experience and thus contributes decisively to the success of celebrations on the occasion of a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, a wedding or other events of the Jewish communities. Since most organizers do not have a double kitchen equipment, they like to fall back on the extensive range of Kosher-Rent. Kosher-Rent offers all the equipment and utensils you need for an unforgettable event:

  • Öfen
  • Grills
  • Gläser
  • Besteck
  • Mobiliar
  • Porzellan
  • Dekoration
  • Wärmeschränke
  • Konvektionsöfen
  • unterschiedlichste Herde